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 ◉ Partnership with Dishoom ◉

We are excited to announce that Dishoom will be Dialled In's official partner this year. 


As one of our earliest collaborators since our inception, we are delighted to be formalising our long standing partnership with Dishoom to showcase & celebrate the spectrum of South Asian artistry.


The two brands have a long-standing friendship and close alignment in their values, having teamed up at several Dialled In events over the years.

Shamil Thakrar, Dishoom co-founder, says: “Back in 2019 we took Dishoom to Lost Village, and this is where we first met Ahad Elley – he was brilliant as part of the South Asian line-up in our Dishoom tent. We’ve been huge admirers of the work the Dialled In team have done since. The way they bring together and champion the South Asian community is awesome. We’ve brought our food and chai to Dialled In parties over the past few years, and now it feels like the right time to do something even bigger and better together.” 


At Dialled In, our purpose has always been to spotlight and platform the wealth of South Asian artistry by building long-term self-sustainable spaces to ensure our culture is held while it evolves and expands. 


Dialled In states, ‘We have always been grateful to Dishoom’s involvement in our activities and this partnership feels like a natural alignment of both our core brand values that will help Dialled In to bring even more opportunities to underrepresented groups and platform emerging South Asian talent, particularly in Manchester.’ 


As well as presenting a curated food offering, featuring a host of independent vendors, at both London and Manchester events, the partnership will combine Dishoom's commitment to breaking down barriers with Dialled In's mission to build self sustainable spaces, to produce a series of music development workshops for people of colour in Manchester as well as furthering Dialled In's work with ThinkFound, who built a stage for last year's Dialled In: The park! 


There’s more to come and we will be announcing more information on the partnership in the coming weeks, with opportunities for involvement, over on social media - so keep an eye out!

 ◉ Partnership with Dishoom ◉


Dialled In is a new festival celebrating the vastness of South Asian creativity – but it was so much more than a festival. 


Toppling the very structures that had so far alienated them from mainstream clubs, inclusive collectives like Dialled In are building robust communities on the back of a unique culture of sound.

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