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Ahad Elley

Ahad Elley aka Ahadadream is a DJ and producer who's music focuses on exploring drums and percussion. He was born in Pakistan and moved to the UK in his early teens and has been curating events in London for the last decade, including his own parties platforming UK heritage club genres like UK funky, garage, grime + more, No ID, his South Asian cross-genre club series and a 3 year stint programming shows for Boiler Room, and most recently Dialled In. He runs a record label called More Time Records which explores club music from around the world and houses artists from Ghana, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and beyond.

Ahsan-Elahi Shujaat

An event producer, mentor and full-time blagger, Ahsan is also a ​​Geordie, techno enthusiast and lover of parties. He may hate socials and possess a grumpy demeanour, but he’s always available to speak to anyone wanting to work in back of the house roles. If you want to have a chat or get some work experience, hit him up.

Almass Badat

Almass is a Director, Creative Consultant and DJ who tells compassionate, colourful stories. Polymath personified, her disciplines span across, film-directing, DJing, collage-making, photography, hosting, mentoring, Arts programming & more. She'll never say no to kulfi & ras malai!

Dhruva Balram

Dhruva Balram is an Indian-Canadian writer, editor and creative producer. His work explores the relationship between politics, culture and identity. As a writer and editor, he has co-edited a book, Haramacy (Unbound 2022), and contributes regularly to The Guardian, NPR, Dazed & Confused, Crack Magazine and Vice. He is also the co-founder of Dialled In and Chalo.

Provhat Rahman

Provhat is a London based producer, founder of the Daytimers collective and co-founder of Dialled In festival. Utilising both platforms to create more opportunities for artists within South Asian communities to celebrate themselves whilst doing what they love has been his primary focus over the past 2 years; all whilst raising over £50,000 for a number of charities around the world through events, livestreams and label releases. With personal releases on More Time, Rhythm Labs + an ever growing bank of unreleased dubs, Provhat is set to keep developing his productions and platforms into the future, whilst continuing to champion under-appreciated artistry.

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